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Philanthropy — The Collier Project

Collier Capital Advisors believes in giving back; therefore, we support numerous philanthropic organizations.  In addition to our professional responsibilities, we dedicate time and energy to positively impact society. CCA established The Collier Project in 2011 to help young black males achieve at high levels.

“Black males must not fail in school or in life America is too important!"

—Gregory Collier

The goal of The Collier Project is to improve America and help everyone achieve the American Dream. To supercharge this initiative, Mr. Collier authored The Janitor's Sons: A True Story of Hope, Shattered Dreams, and Winning Despite AdversityPlease contact Collier Capital Advisors for more information.

  "Astonishing, tear-jerking, and thought provoking!"

"A personal development and mental toughness masterpiece!"



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The Collier Project is a private venture designed to help young black men achieve their potential. We do not accept public or private donations  all funding comes from Gregory Collier and Collier Capital Advisors.